BMG CPD - Mountain First Aid

11/06/2020 - 12/06/2020


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Date 11/06/2020
Topic BMG Mountain First Aid
Type Core CPD
Convenor Owen Samuel
Venue Chamonix
Duration (start and finish time. minimum 6 hours) 8am Thursday 11th to 5pm Friday 12th June 2020 minimum of 16 hours duration.

About A two day CPD firstly looking at medical / first aid principals and theory, then a medical scenarios workshop dealing with difficult terrain and incident management. This will be tailored to the upcoming summer season environment (Glaciers and Ridges). The concept is that day 1 will be one point non-core CPD, day 2 will be one point core CPD. Or guides can take the course as their mandatory First Aid requirement. This will be delivered by Owen Samuel (Paramedic), Thierry Spichiger (Guide, Paramedic and ex Air Glaciers Rescue crewman) and Dave Hillebrandt (BMG Medical Advisor). Many guides will have done numerous traditional 16-hour first aid courses. This course aims to mesh together dealing with a technical problem using the rope and tailored first aid specific to these environments and accidents. As the focus will be narrow (trauma related), it does not seek to replace normal first aid courses that have a much broader scope. It is advisable that guides alternate their first aid training between these specific courses and broader scope ‘normal’ courses. This course will have only 2 years validity, as we seek to train you in the use of and provide you with prescription drugs. This greater level of responsibility calls for more regular training.

Day 0.
Pre-course reading BMG First Aid document. Pre course first aid knowledge assessment.

Day 1. Training Syllabus:
Max Ratio 2: 12 two people teaching max twelve guides attending
Principles of first aid D-R-C-Ac-B-C-D-E
Use of casualty card
Trauma related anatomy and physiology (Respiratory and cardiovascular system, trauma triad of death)
Anatomical alignment
Techniques and equipment in advance of ‘normal’ first aid (NP airways).
The first aid kit & Improvised first aid equipment
Splinting and immobilisation
Analgesia / Drugs / Pharmacology
Case Studies: # pelvis, # femur
Post course first aid knowledge assessment.

Day 2. Workshop Syllabus:
Crevasse scenario:
Max Ratio 2 : 12 four teams of three working through scenario, one guide observing and supplying safety rope back up, one guide as victim and one guide as rescuer, in rotation.
‘Client’ falls into crevasse sustaining injury (different injury for each rotation).
Call for help.
Crevasse rescue PLUS PLUS.
Assess anchor for weight of 2 people (strengthen if needed).
Organise system for rappel but with view to non-assisted hoist afterwards.
Prepare the lip.
Descend to casualty to stop catastrophic bleeding, open airway, simple immobilisation.
Use Parisian baudrier and duct tape to position casualty in harness.
Ascend to surface.
Commence hoist.
Manage casualty over the lip.
Continue first aid or start resuscitation.
Prepares for handover to professional assistance (casualty card) and helicopter evacuation.

Ridge scenario:
Ratio 2:12 four roped teams of three. An overseeing guide to offer safety back up, one guide as the victim and one guide as the rescuer (3 rotations).
Roped team spread out across ridge with 10m of rope out plus runners.
Back ‘client’ takes pendulum fall sustaining an injury (different injuries for each rotation).
Guide arranges reliable anchor.
Guide descends to casualty from an anchor using remaining rope from coils.
Guide reaches casualty to stop catastrophic bleeding, open air way and simple immobilisation.
Manage descent or ascent to place of greater comfort (ledge).
Continues with first aid.
Prepares for handover to professional assistance (casualty card) and helicopter evacuation.

Educational aims:
Refresh understanding of the principles of priority in first aid.
Gain basic understanding of the physiology associated with severely traumatically injured casualties.
Understand the limitations and priorities the mountain environment dictates on first aid.
Gain confidence in dealing with complex situations.

For enquires or to book please contact Owen Samuels on

Attendance (to whom available) BMG Members of all levels
Cost £200
CPD Points Value 2
Places available 12
Please book via Not asked
Advertised on Yammer No
Date of Approval 22/02/2020
Area of Approval Alpine Area
Method of Approval Area Meeting

Where And When

11/06/2020 08:00
12/06/2020 17:00
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French Alps

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