Rocks and landscapes in the English Lake District

14/09/2020 - 14/09/2020

New Dungeon Ghyll NT Car park Grid

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This day–long course will look at the landscape of Langdale and the story of its formation. This is the much recent story of the Ice age shaping the volcanic rocks into the crags, fells and valleys we see today and for which the Lake District is justly famous. As we walk onto the lower fells, our attention turns to the hard rock story.  It is the story of volcanoes, islands arcs, plate tectonics and earthquakes. Some context will be given so that the story can be appreciated as part of a longer history of the Lake District’s evolution.

Participants will be encouraged to explore and develop their understanding through direct and immediate contact with the environment. i.e. get your hands dirty!

Free print-outs will be provided as part of the day, the costs covered in part by the fee.

Learning outcomes:

  1. A broad knowledge of the hard rock types at the heart of the English Lake District.
  2. Some understanding of the geological processes that took place resulting in the formation of these rocks using the geological principle that the “present day is the key to the past.”
  3. An understanding of the current landscape will through careful, structured teaching of Ice age processes using local landforms to demonstrate these processes.
  4. Participants should gain basic interpretive skills which will enable you to see the landscape with informed eyes and apply these skills elsewhere in the Lake District.


We will aim to meet at the LDNP carpark for briefing at 09:45am (slightly earlier than originally advertised).


Sufficient outdoor clothing. NB We do spend time standing still. Notebook or e-notepad, camera. Pencils. Side Pike is a low peak, but very rocky. Please be aware of exposed paths, steep slopes and in many places hidden boulders with ground subsidence. Walking poles are a help. Adequate footwear and warm clothing should be brought.

Face coverings and hand sanitiser are also recommended. Some equipment which might be shared among the group during the session and should be sanitised between uses – please remind me if I don’t!


Packed lunch and other refreshments should be brought with the participants. Ensure that you have plenty; not all Cafes and catering outlets are open in the Lake District or they may open with reduced hours.


M.Sc., B.Sc., PGCE. Geological sciences.

Fieldwork prizewinner; Tutor in fieldwork,

Teacher, lecturer and academic writer.

Stephen Mott is experienced in both school and adult education. He has an M.Sc., B.Sc., (geological sciences) and PGCE. He has a wide knowledge of geology and landforms, together with habitat characteristics with relation to wildlife. Accomplished bird-watcher/ornithologist who also leads birdwatching days.


Please let me know at the opening briefing of any health/medication issues that might impair your day and of which I need to be aware. Please give me contact details of next-of-kin when you arrive.


We will do our utmost to adhere to the required social distancing measures throughout the session. There will be some occasions where we will need to look at and examine some rocks up close. This may involve taking it in turns or viewing them in pairs or threes at a time, so this may take a little longer than usual, but the group size is deliberately smaller than normal so this shouldn’t impact on the day’s timings too much. While it is not necessary to wear face masks outdoors you may wish to on some occasions throughout the session at these rock sites. We can discuss how we go about managing this during our briefing at the start of the day. If you have any concerns that you would like to raise or discuss in advance please do get in touch with me directly.  

Some equipment which might be shared among the group during the session and should be sanitised between uses – please remind me if I don’t!

Please do not attend this event if you are displaying any Covid-19 symptoms. Cancellation policy below still applies.

Please familiarise yourselves with the following MTA guidance before attending this event:

Track & Trace: Your contact information may need to be shared with another attendee should they later display any Covid-19 symptoms and wish to inform you of this. 


Participants are encouraged to make telephone contact before the day to check, especially if the participants are out of signal.

In the event of cancellation, participants will be either emailed or telephoned by 8pm on Sunday 13 Sept. Participants who wish to cancel should do so by the same time.

No refunds – pay at end of day

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