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I work as a botanist specialising primarily in palms, bananas and cycads, but also gymnosperms, pteridophyta and other prehistoric plants.
I have 30 years international expedition experience through 66 countries. Some of the more memorable ones include Tibet, Mongolia, the Karakorum of Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Colombia, and the rain-forests of Borneo and Sumatra.
- I speak fluent Mandarin Chinese and basic Bhasa Indonesian.
- Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (FRGS).
- PADI open water diving licence.
- Hold a driving licence to drive any motor vehicle. I have driven through 37 countries on various expeditions, and have extensive experience driving buses, motorcycles and 4x4 6x6 and 8x8 trucks through all terrains off-road.
Over the years I have been lucky enough to have studied many of the world's rarest and most endangered animals and plants in their natural environments. Key animal species I've worked with: Bengal tiger, Snow leopard, Wild cat, Pallas's cat, Wolf, Linx, Bears, Pine Marten, Indian rhinoceros, Orang-utan, Leather-back turtle, Lammergeier, Eagles, Crocodiles, and 4 whale species.
During the last decade my work has evolved somewhat into leading other botanists and enthusiasts into the field for them to conduct their research, where they make use of my language skills and knowledge of the environments. This work is mainly in China, Japan, remote Pacific islands, and into various rain-forests. More recently I've been leading larger groups into wilderness areas in pursuit of rare mammals and birds.
Most of my experience is in tropical and temperate biomes. But, I will consider work elsewhere that's under 5000m. Peruse my DLOG (top) to get an idea of my experience & see some photos.
I am available for days out in the UK or contact me for employment to aid in your expedition, be-it as an advisory role, logistics, or more involved. Alternatively you may simply be looking for a suitable expedition to join, I have many planned. Contact me to discuss it.
Wild Boar Course 20/09/2019 1.00
Any approved provider - Offsite Safety Management course 05/12/2018 1.00
Any approved provider - Offsite Safety Management course 04/12/2018 1.00
Any approved provider - Environmental workshop - I day 07/07/2018 1.00
Any approved provider - Environmental workshop - I day 06/07/2018 1.00

I was born in north Yorkshire, and spent my early years walking the open moors and dales. My family moved to a farm in Cornwall when I was 11. This offered a whole new environment for me to study. I totally immersed myself into the countryside, and went out of my way to know all that was going on around the farm. Throughout my youth I had been fascinated with the natural world and had self-studied many aspects of this to the point of leaving school I could visually identify all birds, mammals, and trees of Europe and North America. As a youth I was also fascinated with wilderness survival and bush-crafts, skills that have stood me well in many situations overseas.
In my late teens I learnt hang-gliding, and then static-line parachuting.
At age 19 I took a gap-year and explored the wilderness areas of the USA, Europe, and the Middle-east before continuing my natural science studies, which focused on both biology and geology.
I joined the army and served 4 years in the Royal Logistic Corps, where I learnt leadership skills, the logistics of moving a large amount of equipment and personnel into and out of all types of terrain. I also attained military wilderness survival and bush-craft qualifications.
I then spent the next 15 years travelling the world. I lived in the Republic of China on Taiwan for 10 years, which I used as a base to visit all the wilderness areas of all the East-Asian countries.
Now back in the UK I still travel the world with my botany work, and do get away several times each year. But I still make time to lead groups in the UK while I'm here.