The Peak Climbing School Staffordshire (11314)

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The Peak Climbing School
Stuart Honick
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01538 300174
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We believe climbing is more than just a sport, its a way of life. It keeps you fit, strong and will take you to inspiring & beautiful places. Therefore we try and teach more than just climbing skills, we teach the climber lifestyle. Whether you want to try it for the first time with no expectations, or one day dream of summiting Everest. We can start you on your journey and take you as near, or as far as you wish to go.

With low course ratio numbers, instructors with years of rock climbing, hill walking and mountaineering experience, located within walking distance of some of the UK’s best climbing venues, our ongoing mission is to teach you the skills and knowledge to challenge yourself, whatever your ability, so you can explore to this vertical world on your own terms.