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Get inspired, enjoy the freedom of being in nature and learn the skills you need to explore and experience wild and beautiful places in safety and confidence.


At Mountainwise we offer the best professional outdoor adventure activity training to young people, family groups and individuals. We are a registered charity (reg no. 1132529) and our mission is to promote community involvement and access to the joy and freedom that being in nature brings.

Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions (Walking)

We have been delivering Duke of Edinburgh walking expeditions at Bronze, Silver and Gold level for over 25 years and were awarded The Duke of Edinburgh Approved Activity Provider Certificate in 2010.

  • We arrange and deliver all aspects of the expedition element, including all expedition notification paperwork thus lifting a considerable burden from the DofE co-ordinator.

  • We provide all personal and camping equipment for all participants which is ideal for low-income families. All they need to provide is walking boots!

  • We have highly qualified staff, high staff ratios, and staff continuity throughout all the expedition stages. We also provide detailed classroom training

Mountain Training Awards

We deliver Mountain Training Awards in walking and climbing so you can get your boots on, go to the hills and get inspired. Learn the skills required to explore and experience nature in safety and confidence and lead others in navigation, camp craft, route planning and all aspects of climbing techniques.

All our indoor climbing qualifications, such as Climbing Wall Instructor are held in London at the Mile End Climbing Wall, London E3 5BE.

We are also a Rock Climbing Award and Mountain Leader provider

Wilderness Therapy

At Mountainwise we work alongside a variety of agencies to deliver the Wilderness Therapy Outdoor Residential element which forms a part of a wider therapeutic framework helping young people and families facing complex difficulties.

Being in nature is enormously therapeutic, and our mission is to share this incredible learning and life-enhancing experience with people who have had very little opportunity or experience of being outside of the urban context or have severe mental health issues. Walking in wild and mountainous areas of the British countryside can have an enormously uplifting effect on mental wellbeing.

Mountainwise offers a range of bespoke Wilderness Therapy Residentials which can include:

  • Coast and River activities - Coasteering, Canoeing, Improvised Rafting, Sea Level Traversing and Gorge Scrambling.

  • Mountain activities - Walking, Navigation and Mountain Skills, Bushcraft and Camping.

  • Climbing activities - Indoor and Outdoor Climbing and Abseiling.