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This workshop will be run by Jessica Tang. Jessica is a Trainee Sports Psychologist specialising in extreme sports. She is involved in a professional capacity with coaching the TCA Glasgow Youth Squad and a number of independent climbers and well as those involved in other sports. This is what she has to say about the workshop: "Few individuals whether this be peers, parents, coaches etc. are aware of the importance of psychology in any sport. Not many have come across this term or if they have, they have not given it a second thought. Individuals are quick to associate with mental illness/dysfunction. From a professional standpoint, I see this as a huge gap in the sports industry. Although improving psychology is still very much in the unknown. As a society, we are not as accepting to mental training as we are to physical training. If you think about it, we need psychology in every aspect of our training and preparation. For example, when we get injured and we need help mentally to come back competing at our best. Or when we lose motivation and we need new strategies in order to maintain focus. Or when we are scared and we bail out at the last minute. Ask any athlete in any sport and guaranteed, they will name mental resilience as key to successful performance. And yet, speaking to coaches these days, they chose to ignore or do not focus on this aspect of training as much as they should be. My mental skills workshop is aimed at this selective group of individuals: coaches/ leaders/instructors. Experts who want to further their understanding of sports psychology or are not confident with implementing psychological procedures into an existing training schedule. The workshop will cover the basics of mental training. It will be centred around the main mental training techniques commonly used in sport today. For example, goal setting, imagery, self talk etc. An introduction to the technique, theoretical underpinnings, examples from my current work, scenarios and applying theory to practice will be covered. Importantly, how 'change' can be evaluated effectively in an athlete. We will also be looking at different creative approaches that can be used to generate each technique. We all know that each individual athlete is unique and it is simply not the case of "one size fits all”. The other main topic covered in this workshop will be common issues: fear, motivation, confidence, injury etc. A look at how the mental techniques covered earlier can aid in tackling these issues. Again, this will be demonstrated by using examples from my current work, covering theoretical underpinnings and applying theory to practice. At the end of this workshop you will be armed with the knowledge and understanding of how exactly mental skills can be applied in your own practice and have the confidence to follow this through." NOTE: In addition to the workshop cost attendees will need to pay their entry to TCA Glasgow (£10 for a one off visit or £8 if you pay or have already paid the 1 off £10 registration fee).

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