MTA mentor training - Late June Part 1

21/06/2021 - 21/06/2021


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Mentor training

*Please consider the below information carefully before signing up and therefore commiting to this Mentoring programme.*

This is part 1 of a 2-part online MTA mentor training event delivered by Dr. Samantha McElligott, equipping attendees with the skills needed to help support one or more candidates on their journey through a Mountain Training qualification.

You must be able to commit to attending both dates below:

Part 1: 21st June @ 9.30-11.30am (this session)

Part 2: 25th June @ 9.30-11.30am

Want to get involved in being a Mentor?

As a Mentor you will contribute to a community of best practice, supporting trainee Members through their consolidation period between training and assessment. You’ll share your knowledge, skills and experiences to build your Mentee’s confidence and help them to achieve their goals.

What the role entails

Initial commitment is for 12 months, and Mentors are expected to:

  • Create a written mentoring agreement with your Mentee outlining your intended working partnership.
  • Conduct a minimum of six sessions with a Mentee, consisting of reflective questioning, advice and guidance and promoting self-reflection.
  • Arrange at least two face-to-face meetings with your Mentee. These opportunities allow you to forge a stronger rapport with each other, and could be used, for example, to observe/assist one another working with groups, to walk or climb together or to have a café meeting to discuss progress.
  • Complete monitoring and evaluation documentation to help MTA develop the programme and demonstrate impact (1 online survey evaluation during the 12 month period).
  • Share your experiences and evidence of good practice with peers.

We are looking for Mentors with the following attributes:

  • At least one Mountain Training qualification.
  • Understanding of the relevance of diversity and inclusion in the adventure activities sector.
  • Track record in seeking, giving, and acting upon feedback to/from peers, and others for your own self-reflection, growth and development.
  • Strong interest in supporting the development and progression of others, via formal management, mentoring roles or informal support.
  • An interest in developing collegiate relationships with others that support the sharing of best practice, ideas and experiences through effective questioning and listening skills.

Places on this mentor programme are very limited so please ensure that you have read what is required of you and you are committed to the programme before signing up.

More about the Mentoring Programme:

Each year MTA seeks applications for Mentors and Mentees from its member pool. MTA delivers online training in mentoring skills to members who are interested in becoming mentors. Mentees apply to MTA to join the programme and are matched with a suitable Mentor.

The Programme typically lasts 12 months from the date of partnerships being formed. At the end of the 12 months or when the Mentee achieves their goal, whichever is sooner, we ask for feedback from participants to help monitor and evaluate the impact of the programme.

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