Lowland Leader Training

12/03/2020 - 13/03/2020

Foxlease, Cay Hill

Non-residential starting from £125.00

Scheme Details

Awarding Body
Mountain Training
Lowland Leader

Award Description

The Lowland Leader qualification has been designed for people who wish to lead groups on day walks in lowland countryside and woodland in summer conditions. The majority of the UK and Ireland is made up of this type of terrain so you'll never be short of places to go walking.


We are looking forward to welcoming you and would ask that you read the below.

This course focuses on the navigational skills and leadership skills necessary to safely lead a group in the countryside. It is based entirely outdoors although we will start each morning having a coffee.


Lowland Leader Award Training (Mountain Training England)


Dates & Timings

Day One

12th March 2020 – 09:30 to 19:30

Day Two

13th March 2020 – 09:30 to 15:30



Day One

Foxlease, Clay Hill


Hampshire, SO43 7DE

Day Two

New Forest, Location will be agreed with group on day 1





Dominic Taylor - 07921073430


 Jonathan Hitchinson 07956 196391

Pre-requisites check list


1) Be registered with Mountain Training

  1. You must be at least 17 years old
  2. Registration cost is £47 (This is additional to the course cost)
  3. You must have recorded a minimum of 10 varied walks in lowland terrain where the use of a map is required. (Ideally these should be recorded on your Mountain Training DLOG) which can have taken place at any point (pre or post registration) 

Experience gained in areas other than the UK and Ireland can be recorded if in similar conditions to those found in the UK were encountered.

The majority of your experience however, at least 50% of the days recorded, should be in the UK.

A Quality Day will involve most, if not all, of the factors below:

  • The individual takes part in the planning and leadership.
  • Navigation skills are required.
  • Knowledge is increased and skills practised.
  • Attention is paid to safety.
  • Adverse weather and poor underfoot conditions may be encountered.
  • Four hours or more journey time.

For more information on how to use DLOG visit;



If you require any adjustments to the delivery / access to the course please email hello@dominic-taylor.uk with the request. 

It is worth visiting http://www.mountain-training.org/england/reasonable-adjustments to view Mountain Training's guidance on adjustments


Mountain Training recommends you consider personal accident and cancellation insurance. If you already have insurance cover, check that it covers you for the activity you are undertaking.


Useful pre reading

Look over some of the below as this will help with your knowledge on what you will be assessed on.

Candidate Handbook:


Map Reading Skills:


View the following organisations 

Mountain Training Association

British Mountaineering Council


Equipment needed for the course

Where possible you should provide all the equipment listed below. If you don’t have any of the items on the list, we do have equipment that can be loaned out to you. Please email any of the course staff if you require any equipment.

This is an outdoor course and on both days you should come prepared and equipped to spend the whole day walking through the countryside.

  • Footwear – You will need walking boots with ankle protection
  • Clothing – Personal outdoor clothing not jeans 
  • Warm hat, gloves, sunhat (where appropriate) 
  • Waterproof trousers and jacket
  • Day rucksack with waterproof liner.
  • First aid kit
  • Lunch (plus extra for the long day) and at least 1 litre of water
  • Gaiters (Optional)
  • Compass
  • Watch
  • Torch and spare batteries
  • Maps - Please bring OS Explorer OL22. If using a paper map please bring a map case or plastic cover.
  • Acetate pen or sharpie

Outline of the course

This is subject to change due to the weather conditions

The course follows the Lowland Leader syllabus. A typical course will cover the following areas: 

  • Leadership skills and group management
  • Walking skills
  • Planning a walk
  • Basic map work and route finding skills
  • Equipment
  • Hazards and emergency procedures
  • Environment awareness, conservation, access and land ownership

Day One

The first two hours will be over a coffee and will include personal introductions, Who is the Lowland Leader Award for, what the scope of the award is, basic map skills and some of the non-practical elements of the syllabus.

We will then head out for the rest of the day and introduce different practical navigation and leadership skills. Lunch will be while out and there isn’t access to toilets once we leave the classroom.

Day Two

Will start with recapping what was learnt on day one and exploring what skills the candidates would like to focus on for the day. If not covered in day one, we will look at equipment and emergency procedures. Lunch will be while out and there isn’t access to toilets once we leave the car park.

Where And When

12/03/2020 09:30
13/03/2020 15:30
Total Days
Maximum Bookings
Foxlease, Cay Hill
SO43 7DE
United Kingdom
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School of Outdoors


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