Navigate Your Future Practitioner course - Part 1

12/09/2022 - 09/10/2022

Online - Zoom

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Life Wealth Coaching is offering a unique opportunity to undergo specialist training that will give you evidence based mindset techiques to enable you to work with clients whilst in the outdoors to help them with their Mental well being, this course goes beyond mental health first aid. 

The training will give you a recognised qualification backed by the London School of Clinical Communications and Hypnosis (LSCCH)

On completion of this course you will:

  • Have the tools/skillset to help bring a client to a safe place in their mind should an event trigger a state of anxiety or panic whilst you are working with them in the outdoors.
  • Understand how the mind takes on experiences, processes the information which in turn influences our logic and resoning.
  • Understand, empower and strengthen an individual’s state of mind to enable a person to take a “leap of faith” and help them to eliminate anxiety and self-limiting beliefs.
  • Have experienced the process for yourself under professional guidance, giving you first hand experience of the client journey.  
  • Know how your new found learnings and skillset can be applied with those you work with.

The course is split into two parts. Part 1 will consist of a 4-part tutor led online 2 hour session with course work between sessions. The modules will be delivered on the dates below, with a further 1 day outdoor session 2 weeks later. Dates will be as follows:

Part 1 Navigate Your Future

12th September - online training delivery

19th September - Online training delivery

26th September - Online training delivery

3rd October - Online training delivery

Sun 9th October - one day in the hills experiencing a clients’ role (location to be determind)

Part 1 alone can be beneficial itself on a personal level, whilst learning the skills and techniques to work with others. 

On successful completion of part 1 you can choose to continue onto Part 2 at an additional cost of £395. On completion of Part 2 you will be able to work with Clients within the scope of what you have been trained in.  Tutor support and supervision will continue beyond part 2 and will be incur some additional cost. 

Part 2 Navigate Your Future

17th October to the 14th November - Online learning

17th October - Online training delivery

21st October - Online Training delivery

14th & 15th October - 2 day Outdoor practical assessment, putting your skills into action with case study scenarios 

Throughout Parts 1 and Part 2 of the course there will be individual follow up 1-2-1 call/zoom discussions  to discuss progression and work submitted on the training platform

If you are interested and want to find out more contact Jonathan direct. 



The course is being offered by Jonathan Kattenberg founder of Life Wealth Coaching and Walking with my bear.  

Jonathan is an author and a qualified experienced clinical hypnotherapist with a postgraduate in clinical hypnotherapy. 

He speicalises in using the outdoors to is a strong believer is the power of mindset and the role it plays in enabling when working with people to achieve their life's goals and ambitions

Also, a qualified Mountain Leader who is passionate about the connection between the outdoors and mental wellbeing. 

 Following great success empowering clients to overcome major mental health challenges, Jonathan has designed this course to develop the skillset of leaders and Instructors beyond Mental Health first aid in order to work more therapeutically using proven mindset skills with groups and clients in the outdoors.

 The training will give you a recognised qualification backed by the London School of Clinical Communications and Hypnosis (LSCCH) which is also recognised by independent bodies. Members will also be able to opt for further development training to build on specialisms through (LSCCH) should they choose to do so.



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12/09/2022 19:00
09/10/2022 21:00
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