Transceiver Awareness for IMLs

21/12/2022 - 21/12/2022


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Avalanche is probably the greatest potential danger the winter hill-goer is exposed too and understanding security and protection equipment as a group leader is paramount. The workshop will look in-depth at transceivers from basic theory and operation to specific exercises you need to know and understand as an IML operating in winter conditions. The workshop will also cover shovels and probes. The workshop is designed to run online and will give incentive to practical exercises that you should go away and practice. During the workshop we will cover the following areas:

- Transceivers in general and their basic function

- Understanding antennas and what this means for the transceiver and the user

- Interference including mobile phones etc.

- Solving single compared to multiple burials

- Transceiver checks as an IML with a group (2-way checks) and best practice

- 15-minute client training session for the IML

- How old may my transceiver be?

- Shovels and digging best practice

- Probes and probing

- Exercises to practice later

Please bring a pen and paper and a transceiver with batteries. Please also bring your shovel and probe. Despite being online, we can still look at and discuss each others equipment. There will be material available by email after the workshop including transceiver check crib sheets.

The workshop will be delivered by Peter Chapman who is a Winter ML, IML and Norwegian Glacier Guide with 25 years of winter mountain activity  under his belt. Peter is based in Scandinavia and is the Technical Director for BAIML. He works mostly in the Nordic countries, Scotland and Greenland but also farther afield. Winter is his favourite environment, and he has previously taught avalanche skills on many private courses and for several organisations. He has also delivered skills with Manuel Genswein who is a world leader in avalanche safety research and founder of

To book a space, please send an email with your name and MT registration number to with "Transceiver Workshop" in the subject field. With sufficient interest, the workshop will be scheduled again. If there are members on a waiting list, they will get priority next time. Bookings will be confirmed by email and the Zoom link will be sent directly to you a week before. Payment for the workshop will be via Paypal or bank transfer. The workshop costs £15 / 17 EUR.
Upon completion of the workshop, please allow 2 weeks for the event to be automatically added to your CPD record. You do not need to add it manually yourself.



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