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TAO Activities is an alternative provision that is child centred, we use outdoor education as

our main tool of delivery but are not restricted by this. We focus heavily on the social and

emotional development of young people, using nurture group principles, attachment theory, mental wellbeing and SEAL.

We provide a four phased intervention to help meet learners’ needs:

Phase one: Building rapport

We develop very strong relationships with all our young people, parents and families. We

see this as key to help meet whatever objectives need to be met, to provide boundaries and

to progress the young people.

Phase two: Activities

In this phase we give the young person the opportunity to try three different activities, this

could be climbing, canoeing, and walking. It could equally be sculpting, mechanics, and

walking. This phase is centred around the young persons’ needs, aspirations, and interests.

It is also designed to help push their comfort zones slightly.

Phase three: Specialisms

In this phase the young person picks one activity, they then stay with this activity and

become a specialist in it, gaining awards and accreditations. For example, if they choose climbing we will provide opportunities for them to; gain NICAS awards, NGB training if

appropriate, the opportunity to lead climb, and ensure that all the other accreditation is

centred around this activity. e.g. the Rescue and Emergency Care (REC) First Aid will have

assessment scenarios built around climbing.

This phase is designed to really push comfort zones, and push for emotional responses, as

well as strategies to help the young person self-regulate.

Phase four: Reintegration

This phase is personal to the young person and prospective future establishment. It may

include a bridging project (a work project they start with us but finish in the future

establishment), it may include supported visits to the establishment, it may include a key

worker meeting us and being a part of a session, equally it could just be a meeting to share



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