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For nearly 20 years I have climbed all over the UK and Europe, including the French Alps and Polish Tatra and various trips to Spain for sport climbing. In that time, I have been introducing and instructing people in the sport for at least the last 10 years, starting with when I was at university to now, as a qualified Mountaineering and Climbing instructor. In addition to my outdoor qualifications, I am a qualified teacher of Geography and Science who likes to share knowledge about the mountainous environment. Whether you are looking to learn Multipitch climbing; a guided walk up Tryfan; instruction on map reading or want to learn about the geology of Snowdon, you can be assured of an informative and safe day in the mountains
If you have a particular adventure in mind, feel free to contact me directly.
12. MWIS workshop Saturday PM 06/01/2024 0.50
09. Rab Gear Half Day workshop AM 06/01/2024 0.50
ABC Conference AMI CPD 14/09/2023 1.00
Navigating Inclusion in the Outdoors: Diversity Equals Growth (16 Dec at 8pm) - A Business Imperative 16/12/2021 0.50
Working the Idwal Slabs 23/09/2021 1.00

I am a qualified Summer ML and SPA and a Geography/Science teacher. It has taken a lot of indecisiveness and time to get where I am but I am glad I pursued what is shaping up to be a fantastic career choice.
I started exploring the Outdoors while at university where I joined the Mountaineering club which I eventually became the President of. After only a few climbing trips I was hooked. I didn't think there was a career in outdoor activities at that point and I had already decided I wanted to be a Teacher (like most Geography undergraduates).
It wasn't until after university, while working in retail, that I started the process of becoming a freelancer by completing the SPA. I got a little bit of work using it but only at indoor climbing centres (can you see the irony?). I decided that the ML award was the most natural progression in to the outdoor office but living in the city wasn't conducive to obtaining it.
So, I moved to North Wales, completed my teaching degree and booked my ML assessment, passed first time and I was working with my own group the week after. This year I'm leading my first overseas expedition to Jordan.
It is a good profession but you have to work just as hard getting work as a freelancer as you do actually working. This is balanced by the fact I am my own boss and I decide when I work and, most importantly, when I do, I'm in the outdoors, or rather I'm out of the indoors!.