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Hywel Griffiths 136704

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Renewal Date 20/08/2022

I am a very experienced Mountain Leader and also hold the Single Pitch Award.
I am a full time freelance instructor and am available for work throughout the UK.
I have experience in event planning and management and have organised and ran many challenges involving the UK's mountains and also led expeditions abroad
Geology - mountain building 29/12/2017 0.25
Geology - Mountain landscapes & rock types 29/12/2017 0.25
Mountain weather 29/12/2017 0.50

Since attaining the awards, I have taken families and individuals out all over the UK, taught navigation to people waning to brush up on their skills and looking to improve for ngb awards, trained and assessed national navigation award candidates, trained and assessed duke of Edinburgh expeditions in mountainous terrain, worked abroad in the mountains of Italy and have led expeditions for Royal Marine Young Officers where we summited the Mönch the Jüngfrau and the Matterhorn, the expedition has so far been a career highlight, in a career full of highs! I have organised and led on a large number of National Three Peaks Challenges, the two most notable for Tata Steel and Edrington Group and a number of Welsh Three Peaks Challenges.
Having the Mountain Leader award and Single Pitch Award has allowed me to travel and experience the outdoors in ways which I could only have imagined when I started my journey and it has honestly been the most amazing industry to be a part of. I have never thought about leaving it and hope I can continue to help inspire people to continue heading into the outdoors and enjoy them in a safe manner for years to come.