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I am a full-time freelance outdoor instructor based in Snowdonia, North Wales. In the winter months I work as a ski and telemark instructor in Verbier, Switzerland.
MTE/MTC Walking scheme update Workshop 19/03/2021 1.00
AvaLife - Survival Optimized Procedures in Rescue 22/02/2021 0.25
Hypothermia & Frostbite - Information for IMLs 27/01/2021 0.50
Client Avalanche Rescue Training in 15 minutes 22/01/2021 0.25
Teaching Navigation - A Pragmatic Approach 04/12/2020 1.00

Iona has been my main climbing, skiing, mountaineering and hill walking partner for the last six years. During that time we have also had occasion to work together on the hill and I have also seen her interactions with clients through work in centers. Iona has an absolute passion for the outdoors and relishes the opportunity to pass these experiences onto others, whether this is an introductory wall session, day of hill walking to guiding three peaks or working on events like the Glencoe Skyline, her enthusiasm shines through (this could partly be aided by her wardrobe choice!) but also her determination to give her clients the best opportunities possible. Because of these factors and the areas the M.I.A. would open for her I have no doubts being her referee for this award. Jim Derry.


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  • Winter climbing
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