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I love helping people find their feet in the mountains. I am building my business (Exploring Snowdonia-Eryri) around my passion for teaching people navigation skillls and encouraging an understanding and love for the mountain environment and culture.
Winter Mountain Leader 11/03/2022 2.00
FREE Welsh Language & Landscape workshop 23/05/2019 0.50
FREE Introduction to plants - how to ID and protect 21/05/2019 0.50
Mountain weather 31/10/2017 0.50
Ogwen Mountain Rescue Base Visit 17/10/2017 0.50

I first set foot on a mountain back in 2012 and it literally changed the course of my whole life. I used to drink a lot and take drugs and was incredibly unfulfilled. My life was a bit messy. Getting out to the quieter places of Snowdonia gave me a break and some space to disentangle myself from my lifestyle. It wasn't a magic cure but it set me on the right course.
Being in and around the Mountains has become my passion in life and I love to share that passion with others. My driving ambition is to help as many people find their own feet and confidence to get out and explore the quiet places. I work to engage with a wide group of people through social media and I try encourage environmental awareness and good practice and a real love of the mountains. People protect what they love.
Given that I live and work in and around the mountains of Eryri, (Snowdonia) I believe its also important to respect the cultural importance of the landscape.
Dwi'n dysgu Cymraeg! (Yn araf iawn....)