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Met Office Mountain Weather 6. 12/10/2021 1.00
UK Legislation Myth Busting Session 18/05/2021 0.50
NICAS/NIBAS Induction (ABCTT ) 15/03/2021 0.50
Client Avalanche Rescue Training in 15 minutes 22/01/2021 0.25
MTE/MTC Course Directors & Staff update and CPD 23/11/2020 1.00

Chris has been working in the outdoors for over 25 years. This has been interspersed with senior management and CEO roles in training and development both within the UK and internationally.
He has pioneered new routes in the Himalaya and New Zealand Alps although his greatest claim to fame is multiple first ascents on the popular cliffs of the Falkland Islands! Chris has spent a significant amount of time living remotely in mountains, deserts and jungles around the world and, having climbed and instructed on every continent, brings a huge diversity of experiences to his work.
He is also member of Edale Mountain Rescue Team.
Chris is also passionate about the environment and a keen amateur naturalist. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and holds a plethora of outdoor and management qualifications.

I have worked alongside Chris for a number of years through my work as a leader and instructor for Jagged Globe and Adventure Expeditions. He is a very well respected and professional leader who has a gained a strong level of experience in the UK's hill and mountains as well as having wide and varied experience in the Alps and Himalayas. Chris has an excellent manner with clients and is able to empathise with all levels of ability and experience. Chris is a dedicated member of Edale mountain rescue team and is heavily involved in maintaining high standards of safety within the team and in the training and personal development of team members. As well as working alongside Chris as a college I have more recently began to rock climb with him in non professional circumstances. I have found him to be a safe, competent and committed rock climber. I know Chris is now hoping to progress onto his MIA and is part way through his IML training. I am confident his experience and abilities will see him through all his future training and assessments.


  • Hill walking
  • Rock climbing
  • Winter walking


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