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I am a Mountain Training Provider delivering RCI, RCDI, ICA, CWI, CWDI alongside LLA, HML and Expedition modules Training and Assessment courses, as well as a Provider of the Foundation and Development Coach courses. I provide technical advice for a number of different businesses and I am the author of Climbing Games and Top Tips for Climbing Coaches. As well as the co-author of 'Coaching Adventure Sports'.
I am also an experienced Paddlesports coach and a BC provider/National Trainer for WW leader courses. I am able to deliver a wide range of Kayak and Canoe courses, Foundation and White Water Safety and Rescue Courses, Paddlesport Instructor and coach education courses for flatwater canoe and kayak as well as Whitewater Kayak..
Assessment and feedback skills for MTE providers 19/06/2023 0.50
Course Directors and Staff Update Workshop for Rock Climbing Development Instructor - MTE/MTC 08/12/2022 1.00
Coaching Provider Workshop 07/12/2022 1.00
Met Office Mountain Weather 5 - [0922] 15/09/2022 1.00
Thursday morning option 2: Training and assessing access & environment 05/05/2022 1.00