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ML and RCI in the mountains and climbing as much as I can. Regularly doing CPD as much as I can resent CPD was the MCI taster. Aspire to work towards the MCI. Also have my Water Skills Academy stand up paddle board instructor. Available for Freelancing.
Navigation Evening: North York Moors (peer-led) 30/09/2020 0.50
BAIML Workshops 18/12/2019 0.50
Winter 13/12/2019 0.50
MIA/MCI taster - 2 days 13/07/2019 1.00
cave foundation course 14/01/2019 1.00

Passing my SPA meant i can help others to get out and get climbing. I worked for Joint Services Mountain Training (JSMTC)for 7 years and took out groups on a weekly basis. Teaching basic climbing course. Passing my MLT aloud me within the military to take groups of 6 out on the mountains. I love having the ability to get young soldiers out and about, outside their day to day routine. Many of them have never climbed a mountain or climbed outdoors or any climbing before. I get a sense of achievement when a group get to the top of a climb or the top of a mountain. At last i have passed my MLS this allowed me within the military to run summer mountaineering foundation and MLTs this gave me great experience in teaching the rope work and my confidence as an ML grew. During my time so far I have been in a leader and assistant rolls.
I have been out to the Swiss Alps on a foundation Alpine course, Climbing in costa Blanca, open boated in Scotland and Wales both kayak and canoe. Well travelled during my time in the Armed Forces.