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I have been a mountain leader since 1999 and have progressed through the qualifications since and now hold the MIA and WML and have completed my MIC training.
My work has been in the Scottish Highlands for the last twelve years where I have operated mainly mountain based instruction. I have worked with either my own clients and those of others such as West Coast Mountain Gudies and have also freelanced at the national center Glenmore Lodge.
Expedition work has taken me to Southern Africa, East Africa (Killimanjaro), Indian Himalaya and The Peruvian Andes. My personal climbing and mountaineering has been in the European Alps in summer and winter, Yosemitie Valley and Californias High Sierra. Skiing is also a great passion of mine with ski tours both in the UK and Alps. I work now with the website above passing on the skills which I have gained throughout my climbing and mountaineering life.
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Mountain Assurance CRM online learning Full Day 11/06/2022 1.00
Employer's in-house training event (2 days or more) 07/03/2022 2.00
Advanced First Aid (1 day beyond basic 16 hours course) 20/08/2021 1.00