FUNdamentals of Climbing 2

09/12/2023 - 09/12/2023

Creation Climbing Centre

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Mountain Training
FUNdamentals and Physical Training
FUNdamentals of Climbing 2


The BMC FUNdamentals workshops covers the WHAT TO TEACH in climbing movement skills, plus some additional relevant information. 


Where existing instructional courses (CWI, RCI, MCI etc) focus on keeping people safe in various environments, the FUNdamentals are more focused on how people move on the wall. There is a massive crossover with the Foundation Coach Award, which looks at the "how to coach" aspect but FUNdamentals 2 covers aspects such as Skills vs Technique, Stable Positions, Resting Positions, and more.

FUNdamentals 2 builds on the previous workshop and FUNdamentals 1 is a pre-requisite of attendance.  

Prowess Coaching is an official provider of these workshops and is highly qualifed and vastly experienced in the field of climbing coaching. FUNdamentals 2 is a one-day event and is a mix of classroom based and practical learning (as practical as possible) so bring your rock shoes and get ready to get on the wall! However don't expect us to be trying super hard. The focus is on teaching the basics to beginners and there is no minimum grade requirement. In the event of injury - or even if you choose not to climb - there is no requirement to climb at all, although we generally find most people are psyched to get on the wall. 

These workshops are stacked with useful information to help you with your clients (or even your own climbing) but are all delivered in a super relaxed, super chilled out environment and are generally very well received. 


PLEASE NOTE: You will need to be registered at the wall separately so please make sure you have registered prior to the beginning of the course. For those that have not visited before, a link to register online is here. Wall entry is not included in the cost of this course and you will need to settle up at reception on arrival.


More information is available on the BMC website


Cancellation Policy

Circumstances change, things come up and occasionally people can't make it. It's understandable. If this happens to you, the sooner you can let me know, the better as I can hopefully fill the space with someone else. Ideally we’ll be able to transfer you on to another course but if not, I will provide a refund, to different values depending on when you let me know. If you let me know two weeks or more before the session/course/workshop then I will issue a full refund. If you let me know between two weeks and one week before the session/course/workshop I will issue a 50% refund. If you let me know less than one week before the session/course/workshop then no refund will be issued. Remember you need to pay to secure your place on the course or your place may be allocated to someone else. If the course is cancelled by Prowess, a full refund will be issued.

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09/12/2023 10:00
09/12/2023 17:00
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Creation Climbing Centre
West Midlands
B12 9AA
United Kingdom


Prowess Climbing Coaching


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