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I like to think of climbing as an instinctive movement skill. It's one of those things we can just do. Whether it's ladders, trees, rock faces or climbing gyms, we all have an inherent ability to be able to climb. 

Our innate ability to climb is what most of us use when we start our journey to becoming 'climbers'. For many of us, it's what we rely on for our entire climbing career. The problem comes when the movement becomes too difficult for our subconscious to tell us what to do. At some point, many of us reach the point where we need to think consciously about how to move efficiently.

It's at this point that we have a problem; a problem often accentuated from the fact our instinct can get us really quite far. Suddenly we're trying to solve really quite complex problems without the grounding to refer back to that can help us unlock the missing pieces of the puzzle. 

The good news is the opportunity this presents us as coaches. By developing this deeper understanding of movement skills, creating suitable models and strong principles, we can help climbers not only overcome their issues on their current projects but 'learn the beta for every climb'

However, as before, this is more nuanced and subtle that it might first seem. As Benjamin Franklin once said, "tell me and I forget, teach me and I might remember, inlcude me and I learn". 

Through a combination of diluting well-established academic research, combined with models created, designed and developed by myself, Prowess coach education courses are designed specifically to provide coaches and instructors the best methods of what to teach as well as how to teach.

Participants on a Teaching Outdoor Bouldering Workshop

Courses are pitched for every level, with participants ranging from British Mountain Guides and MCI holders right the way to those yet to begin their coaching journey; with some even attending for their own personal climbing. Each course adjusts to those there on the day, with everyone encouraged to bring their own knowledge and experience - from any walk of life - to the table. 

These courses aren't simply attending to be told a heap of information. These courses will enhance you and your skill set, no matter who you are. 


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