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AMI CPD - Technical Adviser Workshop via Zoom 15/06/2020 1.00
Stance Management - Sunday - Full Day Workshop 21/01/2018 1.00
DMM Demo/Equipment Testing - Saturday - Half Day - PM 20/01/2018 0.50
Winter Weather - Saturday - Half Day Workshop - AM 20/01/2018 0.50
MIC(T) Updates/Refreshers/ Pre-assessment Shake Down - Full Day 15/01/2017 1.00

I have known Ali Othen as a friend and an employee for the past 6 years. I can honestly say that Ali is a thorough professional who I wholeheartedly trust to deliver well organised, thoroughly planned, highly enjoyable, safe, imaginative courses when he has worked for me at the Cadet Centre for Adventurous Training (CCAT) based in North Wales. I have climbed and mountaineered widely with Ali in North Wales, Scotland (summer and winter) as well as the Alps. He is conscientious and meticulous in every sense of the word whatever the environment he is in with a group of students. You always have a full learning day with Ali. He is a pleasure to be on the end of a rope with as a climbing partner.


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  • Winter climbing


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